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The Problem with Most Sydney SEO Companies

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Their is a major problem with SEO companies in Sydney that allows them to literally steal money off their clients without them knowing the dangers of their service. But one SEO company in Sydney stands above the rest.

What is this problem I hear you ask. Read on to find out how you can avoid becoming a victim. First lets have a look at what is involved with SEO and how this problem all begun..

What works in SEO has changed over the years. Mainly due to the fact that any time something is seen as "working" it is over done to the death and Google and the other search engines have to put plans in place to stop the results form being manipulated.

Google and other search engines want to return the most relevant and accurate result to their searchers so they use complex algorithms to analyse all the trillions of websites on the Internet. There are specific ranking factors that help the algorithm determine which site will be more relevant and usable for the searcher. While Google and the other search engines never disclose the full algorithm code, Internet marketers can work it what the major ranking factors are from tests.

Once these major ranking factors are found out, Internet marketers look for ways to automate the task. For example the amount backlinks pointing to a website tells the algorithm how important a site is. So there are many automation tools in existence which allow you to build thousands and even millions of backlinks to a website on autopilot. Once this tactic was useful, however Google realised that useless websites where simply being created to simply point a backlink to another website in order to get it ranked. The content on the site was most likely not even hand written but scrapped off existing website around the globe in order to create more content quicker.

So updates to Google's algorithms are rolled out. There have been updates to weed out duplicate and weak content and others to identify spammy links. Ok great, but what has this got to do with Sydney SEO companies?

Well we all know that labour costs in first world countries is more when compared to third world countries. It makes sense as the cost of living is considerably different in each place too. But the sneaky thing that most Sydney SEO companies do is that they outsource their SEO work overseas. Now here is where it gets really dangerous.

Now I am not bagging out people from third world countries at all, infact I have travelled to many and made awesome friends for life. However unfortunately sometimes the SEO tactics there are using are outdated and are now considered spammy. Not to mention that the spelling and grammar from such SEO experts may be questionable to say the least.

So to avoid running into a website penalisation you should always ensure that your Sydney SEO company does not outsource any work overseas. Also you should ensure that they are fully up to date with Google's guidelines. Well to be honest the guidelines have not changed over the years, its just that Internet marketers are always looking for a quicker, and more effective way to get results. But unfortunately with all shortcuts come consequences.

Fortunately the company we mentioned above - SEO Sydney Solutions, never outsource any of their work overseas. Also they only use tactics within search engine guidelines to avoid any future penalisations from future updates. They want to help companies get found on Google but not at the cost of clogging up the Internet with rubbish and garbage websites.

Bottom line is SEO takes time to get results as it would when occurring naturally. If you try to game the system. the system may game you!