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Marketing Strategy Case Study: Sydney Locksmith Company

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In this article we will be reviewing a certain Sydney Locksmith to see exactly how a simple marketing strategy can dramatically increase profits. When we first had a look at this company back in April 2015 their website was not getting much traffic. Averaging around 60 or lower clicks per day. However since we implemented some strategic marketing tactics they are now nearly 4x that amount.

So what is the marketing strategy that this locksmith company was able to benefit from? A simple case of onpage and off page SEO.

This company approached us and requested an overhaul on their website. Unhappy about being ripped off in the past they had little belief that we could actually make it work. But of course we have a sound reputation. Also we were working on a pricing model of a small upfront cost and then performance payouts. If we didn't perform we didn't get paid. So of course we went to work.

After reviewing their onpage target keywords we realised that there were some opportunities. By changing the focus keywords they could target a larger range of people searching for their products.

We also discovered that they had few backlinks pointing back to their website which was not doing them any favours. We all know that backlinks are like votes for a website. And not all backlinks are created equal. But in this case any would be better than none. Well not really any. Spammy links for instance should never be pointing to your website as these links are definitely do more damage than good.

So we set out to partner with other industry professionals in the locksmith industry in Sydney. By creating partnerships and leveraging stockists we could create more awareness for this Sydney locksmith through their website.

As with every SEO strategy the results took time. And to be honest we are still int he process. As we can see there has been a steady increase in traffic for their website with a large jump recently. Think of this as the buildup of momentum starting to finally take effect. We know we still have a lot of work to do for this website however we are on the right track.