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An SEO Overview

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The true meaning of SEO in essence is in its name. Search Engine Optimisation. But what does this actually mean?

To understand this lets break down the the individual words in the acronym. Search Engines are you internet web browser. The most commonly used and known is Google. In fact Google has become so popular that it has worked its way into every language. The answer to a common question of "how do I do this?" is now - "Why don't you just Google it?".

People from all walks of life now understand the power of Google in terms of being a tool that can help them find information on literally anything. And why? Well Google's goal is to be able to sort through the entire internet which contains billions and trillions of pages of data and information and return to the user or searcher the most relevant content. After all that is why Google has risen to the top of the search engines.

You have probably heard of the 2 other big guys in the search engine world, namely Yahoo and Bing. At one stage Yahoo was being used more and they were neck and neck with Google. However through some smart decision making and innovation Google has taken leaps and bounds and has become the most used search engine by far.

It all has to do with their search algorithm. You see when you are sorting through what seems like an infinite amount of data you need a way of finding what is relevant to return to the searcher and omit what is irrelevant. Google does this by using a very complex algorithm which scans the internet and categorizes all the information according to relevance or keywords, popularity from internet users and various other parameters. In fact no-one actually knows the total algorithm that is used by Google. If they let all their secrets out of the bag then it would be easy for people to manipulate their website to show up in higher in the search results, and a competitor search engine could easily copy and tweak to make their better. But this is not the case.

Instead the other search engines and internet marketers have a fair understanding of how Google's algorithm works and Bing, Yahoo and other search engines use a similar approach. Each with their own variations so that if you do the same search in each search engine you will get similar but different results.

So now onto the word Optimisation in SEO. This is where the real essence of SEO takes place. A good internet marketer understands what Google is looking for and how the algorithm works. As mentioned before no-one know s the exact parameters however through education it is easy to get a decent ball park idea. Enough to know how a website should be designed, how content should be written and structured, and what websites should be linking to any site to optimize its ranking in the search results. And even though the other search engines have different algorithms their concepts are very similar, so what will work for Google will be good enough to work for other search engines too.

So there you have it. SEO is effectively work that needs to be carried on a website and websites pointing to that website to improve its ranking in the search results. Obviously it is better for a website to be showing up higher in the rankings, ideally at number 1 spot. Because as we know Google wants to return the most relevant result to the searcher. So if the searcher is looing for Dog training and you have a dog training business, then you would want your website to come up at number 1 spot if that person searching is in your area of service.

Hopefully this has helped explain SEO as an overview. How to do the process of SEO becomes a complete lively hood in itself.